2nd FITA 18 Tournament, November 2012


Final scores from the tournament can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the tournament, especially those who travelled from outside Sussex in appalling weather conditions. Hopefully you found the journey worthwhile and enjoyed your shooting.

No records this time, but there were a number of people who made scores that were enough to gain selection for the England team at this year's Indoor Home Nations match. This was the stated purpose of the tournament and it's nice to report that it worked out so well.

For the record, Gavin Sutherland (Worthing AC), Sam Baldwin (Bowmen of Burleigh) and the Mayflower Archers trio of David Fall, Daisy Clark and Sophie Brown will wear the national vest in the Senior match, while Chris Woodgate (Woking AC), Pip Taylor (Lichfield Archers), Bryony Pitman (Worthing AC), Jamie Cole (Chichester Bowmen) and Daisy Clark have been selected for the Junior match. Good luck to you all on 1st and 2nd December.


By dint of their efforts, the following have a free entry to one session in our next tournament (click here for details and entry forms):

  • Bryony Pitman (Worthing AC)
  • Daisy Clark (Mayflower Archers)
  • Karen Tippins (CMO Bowmen)
  • Gavin Sutherland (Worthing AC)
  • Jamie Cole (Chichester Bowmen)
  • Jason Meehan (CMO Bowmen)
  • Rene Le Bouedec (Eastbourne Archers)

Please note that these awards are valid for our next tournament only and are subject to availability. Given that the entries for February 2013 are already more than one third full, it would be advisable to book your place now.

Prizes (scratch cards) will be posted to their winners within the next few days.


Thanks as ever to Karen Hodgkiss at GNAS, the staff at St Aubyns and our judges, Roger McMullan and Paul Clark.

Field crew duties were performed by Nick Cole and Gary Kinghorn, while Zillah McMullan and Julia Tucknott kept everyone fed and watered while tidying up behind the Tournament Organiser by doing all the small jobs that need to be done at every tournament. Thanks also to our Treasurer, Roger Wolff, who hasn't been in the best of health recently but still found the time and energy to pitch up and help out.

A special mention for Malcolm Wright, who helped avert a near disaster on the evening before the tournament by turning out at the last minute to transport the target equipment to St Aubyns. If you ever need a man with a van, you won't go far wrong by calling Malcolm on 07889 752748.

And, finally, big thanks to Pip Tucknott for all his efforts, ranging from helping to promote the tournament to building our new target stands, getting everything to the venue, helping to set up the range and handling a plethora of other tasks that needed doing. Cheers, big fella.

3rd FITA 18 Tournament, 23rd and 24th February 2013

Arrangements for this shoot will be the same as for the November tournament. Entry forms can be downloaded using these links:

  • UK record status FITA 18 tournament, 23rd and 24th February 2013 (Word format)

  • UK record status FITA 18 tournament, 23rd and 24th February 2013 (pdf format)

As with our previous tournaments, this is an opportunity for people wanting scores for the 2014 World Indoor Championships selection shoot to do the job in a single weekend. It's also a nice warm up event for anyone preparing for the SCAS/Sussex CAA Indoor Championships at the K2 in Crawley the following weekend. And for those of us with lesser ambitions, it's simply a nice way to enjoy a few hours at a friendly archery club.

There will be five sessions each day, with a maximum of 14 archers shooting single detail in each session. Expect each session to be completed within two hours. The last session each day should finish around 7 pm.

We'll be using Eleven target butts from The Archery Company rigged for use with triple spot target faces. If you're using a compound, that's what you get. If you're a recurve, barebow or longbow archer and would prefer to use a single 40 cm target face, please send a note to this effect with your entry form. Most likely, as in November, we'll be able to accommodate everyone's wishes.

Refreshments will be available both days.

We won't be awarding medals. Instead, the top score in each bowstyle from the weekend gets a free entry for one session at our next tournament (probably in November 2013. Watch this space for further information) and the top three in each bowstyle will receive lottery scratch cards as prizes. Any under 16 prize winners will receive an alternative. If you'd rather not take part in any form of gambling, we'll keep your prize for the next tournament. Thank you.