Tournament Diary

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Type Date Club Shoot Name Round County Details Status
CloutJun 17th 2021GWASDunster WeekGNAS 2 Way DoubleSomersetUKRST
TargetJun 19th 2021Belvoir Archers 2 & 3 ShootNationalsNottinghamshireClick here
TargetJun 19th - 20th 2021Penicuik ArchersPenny ChallengeWA 1440/MetricsMidlothianUKRSS
TargetJun 19th - 20th 2021Peacock ArchersWA WeekendWA 70/50, WA 1440Cambridgeshire
TargetJun 19th - 20th 2021York ArchersYork Archers RoseYork/HerefordYorkshireUKRSR
FieldJun 19th - 20th 2021Kendal BowmenNFAS Cumbria Challenge3DCumbriaClick here
TargetJun 20th 2021Burton Bridge ArchersOpen WesternWesternDerbyshire
TargetJun 26th 2021NCASDawn til dusk Charity ShootNorthamptonshireClick here
CloutJun 26th - 27th 2021Harlequin BowmenAnnual Clout WeekendGNAS 2 Way DoubleOxfordshireClick hereUKRS
TargetJun 26th 2021West of Scotland ArcheryChampionshipsWA 720AyrshireUKRS
TargetJun 27th 2021Sherwood ArchersDay of NationalsNationalsNottinghamshireClick here
TargetJun 27th 2021Gloucestershire ASSEnior & Junior ChampionshipsWA 1440/MetricsGloucestershire
TargetJun 27th 2021Duston BowmenOpen OutdoorNationalsNorthamptonshire
TargetJul 1st 2021Wales ArcheryArchery Slow Motion Camera ServiceOtherSouth WalesClick here
OtherJul 1st 2021Eagle ArcheryArchery Events - WeddingsDurham & NorthumberlandClick here
FieldJul 1st 2021Butsfield BowmenField Archery Have a GoFieldDurham & NorthumberlandClick here
FieldJul 2nd - 10th 2021IFAAPOST PONED TO 2022European BowhuntersInternationalConfolens, FranceClick here
TargetJul 3rd - 4th 2021Supermarine BowmenCANCELLED WA WeekendWA 70/50, WA 1440WiltshireUKRSS
MarksJul 3rd - 4th 2021Fraternity of St GeorgeMary Rose ShootMarks/Speed/FlightKentClick here
TargetJul 3rd 2021Yorkshire County AALez Newsome Memorial & Yorkshire OpenWA 1440/MetricsYorkshireClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 3rd - 4th 2021Yorkshire County AAYorkshire County ChampionshipsYork/Hereford/BristolsYorkshireClick hereWRS
TargetJul 3rd 2021Cleve ArchersJunior UKRS MetricsAvonClick hereUKRS
TargetJul 3rd 2021Bowmen of WadebridgeOpenWA 70Cornwall
TargetJul 3rd 2021Wallingford CastleSummer MetricsWA 1440/MetricsOxfordshireClick hereWRS
TargetJul 4th 2021Southampton ACCANCELLED Hardmoor AlbionAlbionHampshireClick here
TargetJul 4th 2021Cheltenham ArchersCatherine Goldacre MemorialWA 1440GloucestershireClick hereUKRSS
TargetJul 4th 2021Yorkshire AAOutdoor ChampionshipsYork/Hereford/BristolsYorkshireClick hereUKRS
TargetJul 4th 2021Cheshire County BowmenAnnual Chester ShootWA 70/60/50CheshireClick hereS
FieldJul 10th - 11th 2021Overton Black ArrowsSCAS Field Champs & Watership DownFieldHampshireUKRS
TargetJul 10th 2021Exmouth ArchersDouble 1440 StarWA 1440/MetricsDevonClick hereUKRSS
TargetJul 10th 2021Guildford ACJunior AcornWesternsSurreyClick here
CloutJul 10th - 11th 2021Cumbria AA2 Day FITA CloutMetric DoubleCumbriaUKRS
TargetJul 10th 2021EAF & Sherwood ArchersEAF Longbow ChampsYork/HerefordNottinghamshireUKRSR
TargetJul 10th 2021Bowmen of WarfieldCANCELLED Junior Open Short MetricShort MetricBerkshireUKRS
TargetJul 11th 2021Bowbrook ArchersWenlock GamesShrewsburyClick here
TargetJul 11th 2021Greasley Castle ArchersNotts Senior & Junior ChampsYork/Hereford/BristolsNottinghamshireUKRSR
TargetJul 11th 2021NCASTBC - 2nd CaswellNorthamptonshireUKRS
TargetJul 17th - 18th 2021New Century BowmenGrand NorthernYork/Hereford/BristolsCheshireUKRSR
TargetJul 17th 2021Cleadon ArchersCleadon WA900WA 900NorthumberlandClick here
TargetJul 17th 2021Southern Counties ASJunior & Senior WA StarWA 1440/MetricsEssexWRSS
TargetJul 17th 2021Belvoir ArchersSummer OpenWindsorsUKRS
TargetJul 17th - 18th 2021Cleve ArchersWA FITA weekendWA 720AvonClick hereUKRSS
TargetJul 18th 2021Berkshire AABerks Champs & OpenYork/Hereford/BristolsBerkshireClick hereUKRS
TargetJul 18th 2021Cumbria AAOpen County ChampsYork/Hereford/BristolsCumbriaUKRS
TargetJul 18th 2021Kent AACounty MatchWA 70KentClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 18th 2021Essex CAAEssex County OpenWA 1440/MetricsEssexWRS
TargetJul 18th 2021Cleadon ArchersStan Patterson MemorialYork/HerefordNorthumberlandClick here
CloutJul 18th 2021Lancashire County ArcheryLAA Clout ChampsGNAS 1 Way DoubleLancashireUKRS
TargetJul 23rd - 30th 2021OlympicsTokyo Olympics 2020WRS
TargetJul 24th 2021Black and Gold ArchersSummer TournamentYork/Hereford/Bristols/NatGloucestershireUKRSR
TargetJul 24th 2021Kent AAKAA Para TournamentWesternKentClick here
TargetJul 24th - 25th 2021Yorkshire AANCAS Regional Champs & Grand Northern Archery MeetingYork/Hereford/BristolsYorkshireClick hereUKRSR
CloutJul 24th - 25th 2021Waterside ArchersJuly CloutGNAS 2 Way DoubleHampshireUKRST
TargetJul 25th 2021The Jolly ArchersAnniversary Open WesternWesternCambridgeshireClick here
CloutJul 25th 2021Kirknewton ArchersMetric CloutMetricNorthumberlandT
TargetJul 25th 2021Kirton in Lindsey Archery ClubKlassic ShootSt George/Albion/WindsorsLincolnshire
TargetJul 31st 2021Redruth ArchersDouble FITA StarWA 1440/MetricsCornwallClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 31st - Aug 1st 2021Cheshire AAFITA Star & Rose County ChampsYork/HerefordCheshireClick hereUKRSS
TargetJul 31st - 1st 2021Cleadon ArchersCleadon WeekendWA 1440NorthumberlandClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 31st 2021Wallingford Castle ArchersThe WCA 720WA 70/60/50OxfordshireClick hereWRS
TargetAug 1st 2021Wallingford Castle ArchersNational Age MastersWA 50OxfordshireClick here
TargetAug 1st 2021Redruth ArchersDouble 1440 StarWA 1440DevonClick hereS
FlightAug 1st 2021Cumbria AACumbria Flight ShootFlightCumbriaClick here
TargetAug 1st 2021Northampton ACOpen Outdoor TournamentNationalsNorthamptonshire
CloutAug 1st 2021Southampton ACSummer CloutGNAS 1 Way DoubleHampshireClick hereUKRST
OtherAug 1st 2021Eagle ArcheryBeginners CoursesDurham & NorthumberlandClick here
TargetAug 1st 2021Eagle ArcheryHandmade Archery LeatherworkOtherTyne & WearClick here
TargetAug 4th - 7th 2021Southern Counties ASSCAMVariousHampshireClick hereUKRS
TargetAug 7th 2021Yorkshire AALongbow ChampionshipsYork/NationalYorkshireClick here
TargetAug 7th 2021Leaves Green BowmenInd Coope NationalNationalsKent
TargetAug 7th 2021Northamptonshire CAS3rd CaswellWA 1440/MetricsNorthamptonshireUKRSS
CloutAug 7th 2021Derbyshire County AADCAA & Open Clout ChampsGNAS 1 Way DoubleDerbyshireT
TargetAug 7th 2021Chantry BowmenAmericanYorkshire
TargetAug 8th 2021Bath ArchersAnnual HerefordHerefordGloucestershireClick here
TargetAug 14th - 15th 2021Exmouth ArchersFITA WeekendWA 70/50, WA 1440DevonClick hereWRS
TargetAug 15th 2021Buckinghamshire AACounty ChampionshipsYork/HerefordBuckinghamshireUKRSR
TargetAug 20th 2021Blackpool BowmenBlackpool Double 720WA 70/60/50Lancashire
CloutAug 21st 2021County of Surrey AACounty ChampionshipsGNAS 1 Way DoubleSurreyClick hereUKRST
TargetAug 22nd 2021Kent AACounty ChampionshipsYork/Hereford/BristolsKentUKRS
TargetAug 22nd 2021Barnstaple ACDouble 720WA 70DevonUKRS
CloutAug 25th 2021Woodford ArchersECAA Open Metric CloutMetricEssexClick hereUKRS
CloutAug 28th 2021Cheshire AATri-Clout (Day 1)GNAS 2 Way DoubleCheshireUKRST
TargetAug 29th - Jul 31st 0000Oxford ArchersTeam Challenge, WA 50/70 & H2HWA 70OxfordshireClick hereWRSS
FieldAug 29th 2021Friars Gate ACOpen ForrestersFieldSussex
CloutAug 29th 2021Cheshire AACounty & EAF ChampionshipsGNAS 1 Way DoubleCheshireUKRST
CloutAug 29th - 30th 2021Goldcrest ArchersNeston Tri-CloutGNAS 2 Way DoubleCheshireT
TargetAug 29th 2021Lincoln Archers and EAFLincoln Archers, EAF & LCAS OpenWA 1440/MetricsLincolnshire
CloutAug 30th 2021Cheshire AATri-Clout (Day 3)Metric DoubleCheshireUKRST
TargetAug 30th - 31st 2021Cleadon ArchersDouble FITA StarWA 1440NorthumberlandClick hereWRSS
FieldAug 30th - Sep 4th 2021European ArcheryEuropean 3D Championships3DSloveniaClick here
TargetAug 31st 2021Guildford ACAcorn ShootHereford/BristolsSurreyClick hereUKRS
FieldSep 1st 2021Eagle ArcheryBeginners CoursesFieldTyne & WearClick here
CloutSep 4th - 5th 2021Northern Counties ASRegional ChampionshipsGNAS 1 Way DoubleYorkshireClick hereUKRST
TargetSep 4th 2021County of Surrey AABLBS Surrey Longbow2 Way WesternSurreyClick here
TargetSep 5th 2021Cheshire AAJunior ChampionshipsWA 1440/MetricsCheshireUKRS
FieldSep 5th 2021South Wilts ACNFAS Autumn Field ShootOther Field NFASWiltshireClick here
FieldSep 5th - 12th 2021World Archery EuropeEuropean Field ChampionshipsFieldCroatiaClick here
MarksSep 11th - 12th 2021Fraternity of St GeorgeSpitfire ShootMarks/Speed/FlightKentClick here
FieldSep 11th - 12th 2021Ballyvally ACAutumn GreenmountField WA CombinedUKRS
TargetSep 12th 2021County of Surrey AASurrey Target ChampionshipsWA 1440SurreyClick hereUKRSS
TargetSep 12th 2021Kestrels ACNationalsTournamentNationalsBedfordshireUKRS
TargetSep 12th 2021Northamptonshire CASCounty ChampionshipsYork/Hereford/BristolsNorthamptonshireUKRSR
TargetSep 12th 2021Somerset CAABattle of Britain FITA StarWA 1440SomersetClick hereWRSS
CloutSep 12th 2021Essex CAAECAA Imperial CloutGNAS 1 Way DoubleEssexUKRST
TargetSep 18th 2021The Jolly ArchersCANCELLED Autumn ShootYork/Hereford/BristolsCambridgeshireUKRSR
TargetSep 18th 2021Leaves Green BowmenSpitfire Open Longbow ShootWesternKentClick here
TargetSep 18th - 19th 2021Hampshire AAHampshire ChampionshipsWA 70/50, WA 1440HampshireClick hereUKRSS
TargetSep 26th 2021Abbey BowmenAbbey OpenWindsorsEssexClick here
OtherOct 1st 2021Wales ArcheryClearance SaleOtherGlamorganClick here
FieldOct 2nd - 3rd 2021Exmouth ArchersWA Field ShootField WA CombinedDevonClick hereUKRSA
FieldOct 2nd 2021Exmouth ArchersWA Field ShootFieldDevonClick here
MarksOct 3rd 2021The Fraternity of St GeorgeThe Honorable Artillary ShootMarks/Speed/FlightKentClick here
CloutOct 9th - 10th 2021Fakenham BowmenCANCELLED Norfolk Championships (Sunday)GNAS 1 Way DoubleNorfolkUKRST
TargetOct 9th - 10th 2021Hampshire AAIndoor Archery Weekend & County Champs & SCAS Regional Indoor ChampsWA CombinedHampshireClick hereUKRS
FieldOct 9th - 10th 2021Kendal BowmenRecord Status Field Arrowhead Field ShootCumbClick hereUKRS
TargetOct 10th 2021Kettering ArchersIndoor Open - Chris Mason MemorialWorcesterNorthamptonshire
TargetOct 10th 2021Bath ArchersBath 2 way longbow2 Way WesternGloucestershire
CloutOct 17th 2021NCASTassel Award ChampsMetricYorkshireUKRST
TargetOct 17th 2021Durham City ArchersWA 18DurhamWRS
CloutOct 23rd 2021Mercia ArchersDouble Metric 1wayMetric DoubleDerbyshireUKRS
TargetOct 24th 2021Southampton ACAgincourt Anniversary Shoot & Hog RoastSt George/Albion/WindsorsHampshireClick here
TargetOct 31st 2021Exmouth ArchersInc Head to HeadWA 18DevonClick here
TargetNov 1st 2021Trackside ArcheryWinter Indoor PostalVariousLeicestershireClick here
FieldNov 7th 2021County of Surrey AACounty ChampionshipsAnimalSurreyClick hereUKRS
CloutNov 7th 2021Northamptonshire CASNCAS Metric CloutMetricNorthamptonshireUKRST
MarksNov 13th - 14th 2021Fraternity of St GeorgeArmistice ShootMarks/Speed/FlightKentClick here
TargetNov 14th 2021Northern Counties ASIndoor ChampionshipsPortsmouthYorkshireUKRS
TargetNov 14th 2021Chantry BowmenNorthern Counties Indoor ChampsPortsmouthYorkshireClick here
TargetNov 20th 2021Ely ArchersSingle & Dbl PortsmouthPortsmouthCambridgeshireClick here
TargetNov 20th 2021Southampton ACFloodlit FrostbiteOtherHampshireClick here
FieldNov 23rd - 24th 2021Dearne Valley ACJoyce Kiddy Memorial Yorkshire Field ChampsWA CombinedYorkshireUKRSA
TargetNov 28th 2021Whitehill ArchersChristmas Pudding ShootSt NicholasHampshireClick here
MarksDec 4th - 5th 2021Fraternity of St GeorgeRoyal Windsor Longbow Christmas Pudding ShootMarks/Speed/FlightBerkshireClick here
CloutDec 5th 2021Southampton ACWinter CloutGNAS 1 Way DoubleHampshireClick hereUKRST
TargetDec 5th 2021Chantry BowmenAudrey Lawrence MemorialWorcesterYorkshireUKRS
TargetDec 5th 2021Targetcraft ArchersAnnual PortsmouthPortsmouthNorthamptonshireUKRS
TargetJun 18th - 19th 2022Kendal BowmenNFAS Cumbria Challenge3DCumbriaClick here
FieldJun 24th - Jul 2nd 2022IFAAEuropean BowhuntersInternationalFranceClick here
FieldJul 9th - 10th 2022UKIFACUKIFACOtherHosted by IrelandClick here
TargetJul 18th 2022Belvoir ArchersSummer WindsorWindsorsNottinghamshireUKRS
FieldAug 5th - 13th 2022IFAAWorld IFAA ChampsInternationalEstonia
TargetAug 20th 2022Belvoir ArchersSummer WindsorsWindsorsNottinghamshireClick here
TargetSep 20th 2022Belvoir ArchersWinter WindsorWindsorsNottinghamshireClick here