Tournament Diary

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Type Date Club Shoot Name Round County Details Status
TargetJul 9th - 10th 2016Scottish AANorthern Area Double FITA StarWA 1440/MetricsAberdeenshireWRSS
TargetJul 9th - 10th 2016County of Surrey AANational SeriesWA 1440SurreyClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 9th - 10th 2016Exmouth ArchersDouble 1440 StarWA 1440/MetricsDevonClick hereUKRSS
TargetJul 9th - 10th 2016Bronte ArchersDouble FITAWA 1440/MetricsYorkshireClick hereWRS
TargetJul 9th 2016Bowmen of WarfieldJunior OpenShort MetricBerkshireClick hereUKRS
FieldJul 9th - 10th 2016Overton Black ArrowsField WA CombinedHampshireClick hereUKRS
TargetJul 9th 2016Eastbourne ArchersSussex Doreens Junior ShootWindsorsSussexClick here
TargetJul 9th 2016Colchester DACSCAS Junior FITA StarWA 1440/MetricsEssexClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 9th 2016Deer Park ArchersLongbow and Barebow Albion TournamentAlbion/WindsorsGloucestershireClick here
TargetJul 10th 2016Fox Archers24th Independence Day ShootAmericanKentClick here
TargetJul 10th 2016Supermarine BowmenGWASWA 1440/MetricsWiltshireClick hereUKRSS
TargetJul 10th 2016Nene BowmenCelebration ShootWindsorsNorthamptonshireClick here
TargetJul 10th 2016Glamorgan AAGlamorgan ChampsYork/Hereford/BristolsGlamorganUKRSS
TargetJul 10th 2016Nottinghamshire ASCounty ChampionshipsYork/Hereford/BristolsNottinghamshireUKRSS
TargetJul 10th 2016Bowbrook ArchersWenlock Olympian GamesWesternShropshire
CloutJul 10th 2016Buckinghamshire AACANCELLED County ChampionshipsGNAS 1 Way DoubleBuckinghamshireUKRST
TargetJul 10th 2016Dorset & Wiltshire AAWiltshire WA1440WA 1440/MetricsWiltshireClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 10th 2016Wirral ArchersWirral Archers OpenWindsorsCheshireClick hereUKRS
TargetJul 10th 2016Stourbridge CoARats AshesAmericanWorcestershire
FieldJul 16th - 17th 2016Raven Field ArchersNFAS Open Shoot3DHampshireClick here
TargetJul 16th - 17th 2016Sussex CAACounty ChampionshipsWA 1440SussexClick hereUKRSR
TargetJul 16th - 17th 2016Cleve ArchersCleve H2H & WRS ShootWA 70/50, WA 1440GloucestershireClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 16th - 17th 2016Fakenham BowmenFITA WeekendWA 1440NorfolkClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 16th - 17th 2016DNAACounty WeekendWA 1440/MetricsNorthumberlandClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 16th - 17th 2016Bedfordshire CAAWA 1440BedfordshireClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 16th 2016Guildford ACLongbow OpenNationalsSurreyClick here
TargetJul 17th 2016Welbeck ArchersEMAS OpenWA 1440/MetricsNottinghamshireClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 17th 2016Bournemouth ACBlue Lion TournamentSt George/Albion/WindsorsDorsetClick here
TargetJul 17th 2016Berkshire AABerks Champs & OpenYork/Hereford/BristolsBerkshireUKRS
CloutJul 17th 2016St Georges ACTed Mallett MemorialGNAS 1 Way DoubleYorkshireClick hereUKRST
TargetJul 17th 2016Invicta Coaching GrpSpringboard TournamentWesternsKentClick here
TargetJul 23rd - 24th 2016Crawley ACCharity Shoot FITA 900 & WindsorWindsorsSussexClick here
TargetJul 23rd 2016Civil Service AASouth East Regional QualifiersYork/HerefordKentClick here
TargetJul 23rd 2016Aquarius ACLongbow/Barebow OpenWesternsMiddlesexClick here
FieldJul 23rd - 24th 2016Ballands BowmenMajor ArcherField WA CombinedWiltshireClick hereUKRS
TargetJul 24th 2016Kenwith CoAKenwith Open ShootYork/Hereford/Bristols/NatDevonClick here
CloutJul 24th 2016Woodford ArchersTriple Spoon OpenGNAS 1 Way DoubleEssex
TargetJul 24th 2016Kent AAKAA Tournament for DisabledWesternKent
CloutJul 24th 2016Kirknewton ArchersMetric CloutMetricNorthumberlandClick hereT
TargetJul 24th 2016Essex CAAEssex OpenWA 1440/MetricsEssexWRS
TargetJul 30th - 31st 2016NI Civil Service ACSummer FITA StarWA 1440/MetricsBelfastClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 30th - 31st 2016Andover ArchersAndoba Double FITA StarWA 1440HampshireClick hereWRSS
TargetJul 31st 2016The Jolly Archers53rd Open WesternWesternCambridgeshireClick here
FieldJul 31st 2016Sussex County & High WealdSussex Field ChampsField WA MarkedSussexClick here
TargetAug 6th 2016Havering Disabled SA45+ GamesWindsorsEssex
FieldAug 6th 2016Eagle BowmenBrian Holmes Fun ShootCumbriaClick here
TargetAug 6th - 7th 2016Redruth ArchersDouble FITA StarWA 1440/MetricsCornwallClick hereWRSS
TargetAug 6th - 7th 2016Eastbourne ArchersDouble RoseYork/Hereford/BristolsSussexClick hereUKRSR
TargetAug 6th - 7th 2016Cheshire AAFITA Star & Rose County ChampsYork/HerefordCheshireClick hereUKRSS
CloutAug 7th 2016Southampton ACOpen Clout ShootGNAS 1 Way DoubleHampshireClick hereUKRST
TargetAug 7th 2016Fox Archers15th Longbow ShootNationalsKentClick here
TargetAug 7th 2016Black and Gold ArchersSummer TournamentYork/Hereford/Bristols/NatGloucestershireClick hereUKRSR
TargetAug 7th 2016County of Worcester AACounty ChampionshipsYork/Hereford/BristolsWorcestershireClick hereUKRSR
OtherAug 7th 2016ASKAPapingo ShootOtherScotland - WestClick here
TargetAug 7th 2016Bowmen of PetersfieldHalo TournamentSt George/Albion/WindsorsHampshire
TargetAug 7th 2016LRCAACounty ChampionshipsYork/Hereford/BristolsLeicestershireClick hereUKRS
TargetAug 7th 2016Braintree BowmenSummer Bar-B-Q OpenAlbion/WindsorsEssexClick here
FlightAug 7th 2016Cumbria AACumbria Flight ShootFlightCumbriaClick here
TargetAug 7th 2016Newburn ArchersNewburn OpenSt George/Albion/WindsorsTyne & WearClick here
TargetAug 10th 2016Eastbourne ArchersThe Lazy ShootWindsorsSussexClick here
TargetAug 13th 2016Leaves Green BowmenInd Coope NationalNationalsKentClick here
FieldAug 13th - 14th 2016Fort Purbrook CoBEVENT FULLField WA CombinedHampshireUKRSA
TargetAug 13th 2016Newhaven ACLongbow & Barebow TournamentWesternSussexClick here
TargetAug 13th - 14th 2016Bannockburn bowmenOpen 1440 & MetricsWA 1440/MetricsStirlingshireSRST
TargetAug 14th 2016Gloucestershire ASCounty & Open ChampsYork/HerefordGloucestershireClick hereUKRSR
TargetAug 14th 2016AC DelcoChris Sherwood MemorialWesternHampshireClick here
TargetAug 14th 2016Pilgrim Bowmen of BostonYork/Hereford/BristolsLincolnshire
TargetAug 14th 2016Danum ArchersTop Town TrophyYorkshireClick here
TargetAug 14th 2016Silver Arrow ArchersSummer OpenWA 70/60/50BuckinghamshireClick hereUKRS
TargetAug 14th 2016Kirby Muxloe ACDouble FITA 70WA 70/60/50LeicestershireClick hereWRS
TargetAug 14th 2016Ponteland ArchersThe GriffinNationalsNorthumberland
TargetAug 14th 2016Wellingborough Open ACGerry Brailsford Memorial ShootWA 1440/MetricsNorthamptonshireClick here
TargetAug 14th 2016Anchor BowmenAnnual Open TournamentWesternsDerbyshireClick here
TargetAug 14th 2016Bath ArchersAnnual HerefordHerefordGloucestershireClick here
TargetAug 18th 2016AC DelcoBus Pass Albion (60+)AlbionHampshireClick here
TargetAug 20th 2016Wellingborough OACDiamond CelebrationOtherNorthamptonshireClick here
TargetAug 20th - 21st 2016Exmouth ArchersNational SeriesWA 1440DevonClick hereWRS
CloutAug 20th 2016County of Surrey AACounty ChampionshipsGNAS 1 Way DoubleSurreyClick hereUKRST
TargetAug 20th 2016Dunstable BowmenAmericanBedfordshireClick here
FieldAug 21st 2016Hingham BowmenFun Field ShootField WA UnmarkedNorfolkClick here
TargetAug 21st 2016Bowmen of LychettGladys & June Memorial ShootYork/Hereford/BristolsDorsetClick hereUKRSR
TargetAug 21st 2016Buckinghamshire AACounty ChampionshipsYork/HerefordBuckinghamshireClick hereUKRSR
TargetAug 21st 2016Killingworth ArchersOpen TournamentSt George/Albion/WindsorsTyne & WearClick hereUKRSR
CloutAug 21st 2016Essex CAAECAA Metric CloutMetricEssexT
CloutAug 27th 2016Cheshire AATri-Clout (Day 1)GNAS 2 Way DoubleCheshireClick hereUKRST
TargetAug 27th - 28th 2016NCAS/DNAADouble FITA StarWA 1440NorthumberlandWRSS
FieldAug 27th - Sep 1st 2016WFAAWorld Archery 3D Champs3DSLOVENIAWRS
CloutAug 27th 2016Dorset & Wiltshire AACounty ChampionshipsGNAS 2 Way DoubleWiltshireClick hereUKRST
TargetAug 27th - 28th 2016Norfolk BowmenNorfolk WA Star & H2HWA 70/50, WA 1440NorfolkClick hereWRSS
CloutAug 28th 2016Cheshire AACounty & EAF ChampionshipsGNAS 1 Way DoubleCheshireClick hereUKRST
TargetAug 28th 2016Dorset & Wiltshire AACounty ChampionshipsYork/Hereford/Bristols/NatWiltshireClick hereUKRSR
TargetAug 28th 2016Eastbourne ArchersJunior ShootWindsorsSussexClick here
TargetAug 28th 2016Allington Castle ArchersWhitefriars ShootYork/Hereford/BristolsKentClick hereUKRSR
TargetAug 28th 2016Melton Mowbray ACOpen WesternWesternsLeicestershireClick hereUKRS
TargetAug 29th 2016Oxford ArchersTeam Challenge, WA 50/70 & H2HWA 50OxfordshireClick hereWRSS
CloutAug 29th 2016Cheshire AATri-Clout (Day 3)Metric DoubleCheshireClick hereUKRST
TargetAug 29th 2016Dorset & Wiltshire AACounty ChampionshipsAmericanWiltshireClick hereUKRS
TargetAug 29th 2016York ArchersDouble WAWA 70YorkshireClick hereWRS
WandSep 3rd 2016Wakefield ArchersPomfret 60YorkshireClick here
TargetSep 3rd - 4th 2016Meriden ACDouble FITA StarWA 1440/MetricsWarwickshireClick hereWRSS
TargetSep 3rd - 4th 2016Penicuik ArchersPenicuik ChallengeWA 1440/MetricsMidlothianSRS
TargetSep 4th 2016St Kingsmark BowmenTwo Rivers FITA StarWA 1440GwentWRSS
TargetSep 6th 2016Devon & Cornwall ASAutumn GoldSt George/Albion/WindsorsDevon
FieldSep 10th - 12th 2016Durham & Northumberland AARegional ChampionshipsField WA CombinedNorthumberlandWRSA
FieldSep 10th - 11th 2016English Field AANational ChampionshipsHunterEssexClick here
TargetSep 11th 2016Bowmen of WarfieldAnnual Short MetricShort MetricBerkshireClick hereUKRS
TargetSep 11th 2016Bracken COAThe Amanda ShootLong MetricDorset
TargetSep 11th 2016Kendal BowmenKendal Albion ShootAlbion/WindsorsCumbriaClick here
TargetSep 11th 2016Old Basing ArchersSiege ShootWA 70/60/50HampshireClick hereUKRS
FieldSep 16th 2016Friars Gate ACForesters OpenOtherSussex
FieldSep 17th - 18th 2016Welsh AAWelsh ChampionshipsField WA CombinedGlamorganClick hereWRSA
TargetSep 17th 2016Bowmen of GlenWRS TournamentWA 70/60/50LeicestershireClick hereWRS
TargetSep 17th - 18th 2016Hampshire AAFITA WeekendWA 1440/MetricsHampshireUKRSS
FieldSep 17th - 18th 2016Ballyvally ACAutumn ShootField WA CombinedCounty DownUKRSA
TargetSep 18th 2016Bowmen of Glen ASWRS FITA Star TournamentWA 1440/MetricsLeicestershireClick hereWRS
TargetSep 18th 2016The Jolly Archers4th Open YorkYork/Hereford/BristolsCambridgeshireClick hereUKRSR
CloutSep 18th 2016Durham & Northumberland AACounty ChampionshipsGNAS 1 Way DoubleNorthumberlandUKRST
TargetSep 18th 2016Deer Park ArchersWA1440WA 1440/MetricsGloucestershireClick hereUKRS
TargetSep 18th 2016Assheton BowmenYork/HerefordLancashireUKRSR
TargetSep 24th 2016Leaves Green BowmenSpitfire Open Longbow ShootWesternKentClick here
TargetSep 25th 2016Norton ArchersTyne-Tees TournamentAlbionNorthumberlandClick here
TargetSep 25th 2016Barnsley ACAlbion/WindsorsYorkshire
FieldOct 1st - 2nd 2016EFAADot Southgate3DVenue TBA
TargetOct 1st 2016Belvoir ArchersWinter WindsorWindsorsNottinghamshireClick here
CloutOct 1st 2016Hampshire AAHampshire Clout WeekendMetricHampshireClick hereUKRST
FieldOct 2nd 2016Essex County AACounty ChampionshipsField WA MarkedEssexUKRSA
TargetOct 2nd 2016Cheltenham ArchersMixed HerefordHerefordGloucestershireUKRSR
TargetOct 2nd 2016Kyrton ArchersEagle ShootWorcesterDevon
CloutOct 2nd 2016Hampshire AACounty ChampionshipsGNAS 1 WayHampshireClick hereUKRST
TargetOct 2nd 2016Meriden ACWindsorsWarwickshireClick hereUKRS
FieldOct 5th 2016March Hare ArchersInternational March HareOtherWorcestershire
FieldOct 8th - 9th 2016Cheshire AACounty ChampionshipsField WA CombinedCheshireClick hereUKRS
CloutOct 8th - 9th 2016Fakenham BowmenNorfolk Championships (Sunday)GNAS 2 Way DoubleNorfolkUKRST
CloutOct 8th - 9th 2016Bowmen of LychettVic Skeats Memorial CloutMetricDorsetUKRST
FieldOct 8th - 9th 2016Ballyvally ArchersCoolnacron ClassicField WA MixedCounty DownUKRS
TargetOct 9th 2016Lasswade ACWA CombinedEast LothianUKRS
CloutOct 15th 2016Archery GBNational ChampionshipsGNAS 1 Way DoubleYorkshireClick hereUKRST
CloutOct 16th 2016Bowmen of RutlandThe Great CloutMetricRutlandUKRST
TargetOct 23rd 2016Droitwich ACDouble WorcestersWorcesterWorcestershireUKRS
TargetOct 30th 2016Exmouth ArchersWA 18Devon
TargetNov 5th - 6th 2016Hillingdon ACVegas & WA18 WeekendVegasMiddlesexClick hereUKRS
FieldNov 6th 2016County of Surrey AACounty ChampionshipsAnimalSurreyUKRS
TargetNov 6th 2016Kenwith CoAOpen IndoorPortsmouthDevon
TargetNov 13th 2016AC DelcoPortsmouthHampshireClick here
TargetNov 13th 2016Newquay BowmenNewquay Indoor DoubleWorcesterDevonClick here
TargetNov 13th 2016GWASRegional ChampionshipsWA 18SomersetUKRS
TargetNov 13th 2016Evesham ACWA 18WorcestershireWRS
TargetNov 13th 2016Lasswade ACPortsmouthScotland - East Lothian
TargetNov 20th 2016Northern Counties ASIndoor ChampionshipsPortsmouthYorkshireUKRS
TargetNov 20th 2016East Midlands ASRegional & Open Indoor ChampsWA 18NorthamptonshireWRS
TargetNov 27th 2016Cumbria AAWA CombinedCumbriaWRS
TargetNov 27th 2016Bedfordshire CAAIndoor ChampionshipsPortsmouthBedfordshireUKRS
TargetNov 27th 2016Fakenham BowmenWA 18Norfolk
TargetNov 27th 2016Redditch CoATony Greenwell MemorialStaffordWorcestershireUKRS
TargetDec 4th 2016Sherwood ArchersIndoor PortsmouthPortsmouthNottinghamshire
TargetDec 4th 2016County of Surrey AAIndoor ChampionshipsPortsmouthSurreyUKRS
TargetJan 8th 2017St Kingsmark BowmenWA 18GwentUKRS
TargetJan 8th 2017Stourbridge CoAWA 25West MidlandsUKRS
FieldJan 14th - 15th 2017Ballyvally ACSnowdrop ShootField WA CombinedCounty DownUKRSA
TargetJan 15th 2017Guildford ACIndoor OpenWA 25SurreyWRS
TargetJan 15th 2017Kyrton ArchersWinter WarmerPortsmouthDevon
TargetJan 15th 2017Scottish AAEastern Area ChampionshipsPortsmouthEast LothianUKRS
TargetFeb 4th - 5th 2017Kestrels ACWorcester TournamentWorcesterBedfordshireUKRS
TargetFeb 5th 2017Nottinghamshire AS Indoor ChampionshipsPortsmouthNottinghamshireUKRS
TargetFeb 12th 2017Cumbria AAIndoor ChampionshipsPortsmouthCumbriaUKRS
TargetMar 4th 2017NI Civil Service ACStafford/PortsmouthStaffordBelfastUKRS
TargetMar 5th 2017Dorset & Wiltshire AAIndoor ChampionshipsWorcesterWiltshireUKRS
TargetMar 5th 2017Lasswade ACDouble FITA18WA 18MidlothianUKRS
TargetMar 11th - 12th 2017Wight BowmenVectis Archery WeekendWorcesterHampshireUKRS
TargetMar 12th 2017Yorkshire AAIndoor ChampionshipsPortsmouthYorkshireUKRS
TargetApr 26th 2017Droitwich ASSpring TournamentWarwicksWorcestershireUKRS
FieldMay 28th - 29th 2017Archery GBAll British ChampionshipsWA CombinedCo AntrimWRSA
TargetJun 11th - 18th 2017GWASDunster WeekVariousSomersetClick hereUKRS