Looking back and moving forward…………..

After another busy indoor season, the 2017 outdoor season is upon us and is set to be our busiest ever, with a membership tally busting at the seams! After the popularity and success of the BA Postal League during the winter months, we have decided to build on this success and take part in the Selby Summer Postal League. Details for this can be found here. We have also introduced the ‘Brighton Bowmen 252 Improvement Award’ which is suitable for archers of all abilities, age category and bow style. Details can be found here. A big thank you to Andy for organising and running both postal league competitions and introducing the 252 awards.

As well as the in house ‘252’ Award and the Selby League this summer, the lovely people at Friars Gate Archers are hosting an ‘Introduction to Field Archery’ for our club members on the 14th May 2017. If you have always wondered what field archery is all about and would like to give it a go please register your interest here. This is the perfect opportunity to give field archery a try under the supervision of experienced field archers. Don’t miss out! 11 archers have already signed up for this, the more the merrier.

A few years back, Brighton Bowmen were asked by the University of Brighton to run archery courses for both students and staff, and help them with getting an Archery Club formed. I am extremely pleased to say that the club was formed during November 2016 and a student committee is in place. I know ‘The Boss’ would have been so proud that all his hard work with Archery at the University has beared fruit, and we as a club wish the University every success moving forward. Check out the University of Brighton Archery Club here. If you are part of either the student body, teaching or academic staff at the University of Brighton, and would like to give Archery a try or are already an experienced archer and would like to join the club, please get in contact with them here.


‘Some of the lovely folk you will encounter at the University of Brighton Archery Club’

As well as running courses at the University of Brighton Archery Club we have run our own courses again at Brighton Bowmen this winter. Some of our recent Beginner Course Graduates left some nice 5 star reviews on our Facebook Page . A few of these are below :

‘Had an amazing time on the beginners course, first class instruction, good fun and nice and relaxed. Can’t thank you guys enough for what is the start of a really enjoyable hobby’

‘A thoroughly enjoyable intro to archery to be had on the beginners course… very nice people and a fun atmosphere. We are completely hooked now!’


‘Wayne instructing some of our February Beginner Course students’

We are running Beginners’ Courses every month of the outdoor season.  More details can be found here and on our new Club Diary .

Our outdoor shooting schedule has been published and will be available on the website very shortly.


‘Sunshine, blue skies and 10’s’

If you are interested in taking part in any Archery Tournaments, and don’t know where to look, look no further than the Brighton Bowmen Tournament Diary, which is known to many archers as ‘The Bible’. This is a fully comprehensive tournament diary, which can be sorted by tournament ‘Type’, ‘Date’, ‘Club’, Shoot Name, ‘Round’, ‘County’ and ‘Status’ ;updated by Brighton Bowmen’s honorary life member Michaela Lake. Michaela works tirelessly to keep this constantly updated. Huge thanks Michaela!

And finally, Brighton Bowmen would like to wish everybody a very enjoyable and successful 2017 outdoor archery season.

‘May the sun always shine and the sky remain forever blue!’