It is the responsibility of everyone present at club target days, tournaments and courses to ensure that archery at the Longhill Sports Centre is practiced in a safe and controlled manner.

To ensure this, club members, guests, parents and carers present whilst shooting is taking place should familiarise themselves with the following documents:

If you’re not sure about something, please ask for advice.

Please note: our range is used by the students and staff of Longhill High School and by other sports clubs.  Shooting, therefore, must end 30 minutes before dusk to ensure that all equipment is removed from the range and stored securely in the container.  This also provides time for the retrieval of lost arrows.

To assist in finding lost arrows, two metal detectors and three rakes can be found in the container.  If, however, a lost arrow cannot be found, the staff at the Longhill Sports Centre must be informed before members leave the campus.  In addition, the owner of the lost arrow must return to the field the next morning no later than 7.00 am to find it.

Sports Centre staff should be notified of the outcome of the following morning’s search no later than 9.00 am.