The following archery equipment was stolen from a house near Bexhill on 27th/28th January.

If you see it listed for sale or if it’s offered to you, please contact Gary Thornton on 07834 307746.

Black Negrini economy case with Hoyt sticker containing:

  • Red right hand Hoyt Horizon riser, 25”, with Spigarelli Evolution rest & red Cartel NX button
  • 2 x KAP limbs, 26lbs, short
  • SF Axiom Stabiliser, black, with dampener, 28″
  • 10 Easton X7 arrows, red/white fletchings, white nocks
  • MAC Bow Stringer
  • Red aluminium bow stand
  • Red armguard, 2 strings, leather belt

Gompy vinyl case containing:

  • Blue left hand Hoyt Horizon riser, 25”, paint scratched at front, with Spigarelli Evolution rest, Shibuya button, quick detach, Beiter clicker
  • Sebastian Flute limbs, 28lbs, short
  • 10 or 12 Easton X7 arrows, orange/white fletchings, orange nocks
  • Cartel CR Stabilisers, 28” longrod, 2 x 10” short rods, in Hoyt bag
  • Cartel CR 4” extender
  • Cartel Midas V Bar
  • Decut sight
  • Blue Cartel quiver
  • Bow Stringer
  • Blue aluminium bow stand
  • Blue armguard, 2 strings, tab
  • Toolbox with flights, nocks, allen keys, Beiter sight pin, weights, etc

Contact Gary Thornton on 07834 307746 if it’s offered to you.