Alan Ruby Memorial Tournament, 31st October & 1st November 2015

Alan Ruby

Sussex archery lost one of its major figures in June with the passing of Alan Ruby.

An accomplished archer in his own right, Alan was also a founder member of Holbrook Archers and a former President of the Sussex County Archery Association.  For many, however, he will be best remembered as a great friend, a gentleman who could be depended on for sound advice, encouragement and unswerving support in good times and bad.

Alan’s support for Brighton Bowmen began before the start of the club’s official existence.  When Falcon Bowmen lost its shooting range at Falmer School in December 2010, he arranged for the archers who had been using that facility to shoot at the Holbrook Club, free of charge, whilst a new venue was being sought.  That act of generosity kept together the core group of people who moved on to St Aubyns School in the guise of Brighton Bowmen at the beginning of February 2011.  From thereon he maintained a keen interest in the club’s fortunes and, when the indoor range at St Aubyns became unavailable, he welcomed the transfer of our WA 18 tournaments to the Holbrook Club from November 2013.  Following his passing, little thought was necessary to arrive at the decision to rename our annual November WA 18 tournament in his memory.

The 1st Alan Ruby Memorial Tournament will take place at the Holbrook Club in Horsham on the weekend of 31st October and 1st November 2015.  The target lists have been published and can be downloaded by clicking this link.

All three sessions on Saturday 31st October are full.  There are, however, a handful of places available on Sunday 1st November.  If you would like to join us on that date, an entry form can be downloaded from this link.

We look forward to seeing everyone next weekend.


Autumn Albion, 26th & 27th September 2015

Brighton Bowmen Albion Tournament September 2015

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the decision has been taken to cancel our Autumn Albion tournament.

Entry fees will be refunded this week.


Summer Tournament, 22nd & 23rd August 2015

Brighton Bowmen UK Record Status WA 720 Tournament, August 2015

Our second WA 720 tournament will take place on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd August 2015 at the Deans Leisure Centre, Falmer Road, Rottingdean, BN2 2FR.

There will be two sessions each day, followed by a head-to-head competition (assembly times and shooting details are given on the entry form).  The tournament, including the head-to-heads, has UK record status.

The target lists have been published and can be downloaded using this link.

There are two places available for compounds in session A on the Saturday, 17 places (any bowstyle) in session C on Sunday and 19 places (any bowstyle) in session D on Sunday.  If you would like to shoot in any of these sessions, an entry form can be downloaded using this link.

Look forward to seeing everyone next weekend.


Spring Tournament, 30th & 31st May 2015

Brighton Bowmen UK Record Status WA 720 Tournament, May 2015

Many thanks to everyone who supported our first UK record status outdoor tournament.  The results can be downloaded from the following links.

Saturday 30th May – Women

Saturday 30th May – Men

Sunday 31st May – Women

Sunday 31st May – Men

Special thanks to the following who made the tournament happen:

  • our judges, Netta Bridle, Richard Hillier and Debbie Horn;
  • the field crew, Alex Smith, Chris Fitzpatrick, Len Godfrey, Jennifer Mankin, Warren Mason and Ray Thomson;
  • the scorers, Michaela Lake and Jennifer Mankin; and
  • our hosts, the staff at The Deans Leisure Centre and Cafe 7.

Thanks also to:

  • Tenzone Targets, who provided the targets for the tournament and assistance throughout the weekend that went well beyond our expectations;
  • Richard Titheradge for building the scoring software; and
  • Rebecca and Julia Tucknott for manufacturing the target numbers and flags.

Our next tournament will take place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August.  An entry form can be downloaded from this link.


Windsor Weekend, 2nd & 3rd May 2015

Brighton Bowmen Windsor Weekend 2015

The results from our 2015 Windsor Weekend can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Many thanks to everyone who took part.  Despite the typical Bank Holiday weather – not to mention the amazing evaporating target faces on Sunday morning – good humour prevailed and it proved to be an enjoyable weekend for everyone involved.

There were several notable performances from the juniors taking part.  On the Saturday, Chris Cooper (Hellingly Archers) left the rest of the Gents Recurve field in his wake, while the host club’s Amaury Salomon and Natasha Homer both recorded nice scores in their first outdoor competition. Not to be outdone, Nathan Sutlieff (Holbrook Archers) recorded his third first class score of the season on Sunday, while Isla Millington-Latham of Chichester Bowmen provided an excellent demonstration of how to shoot well in wet and windy conditions.

Among the adults, Chris Jones (Newhaven AC) and Chris Fitzpatrick (Brighton Bowmen) took second and third places in the Gents Recurve on Saturday.  Emma Ferris (Ladies Recurve) and Jordan Moores (Gents Longbow) from Holbrook Archers, Jennifer Mankin (Ladies Barebow) and Ray Thomson (Gents Compound) took the awards in their divisions.

Also worth a mention was the appearance of Alex Smith, who became the first member of Brighton University AC to take part in a tournament.  Well done, mate!

Paul West of Rayleigh Town AC took the Gents Recurve honours on Sunday with 862.  Shooting his first tournament, Chris Latham (Chichester Bowmen) followed in second place, while Chris Jones added a second top three finish to his second place on Saturday.

Also on Sunday, in the Ladies Recurve Georgie Williams and Verena Betts of Newhaven AC took the honours, while Spider Coles (Fox Archers) prevailed in the Gents Barebow.

A final and special mention goes to the youngest and oldest archers in the field.  This was the first tournament for Brighton Bowmen members Levi Benison (10) and Len Godfrey (undisclosed), who have been shooting for less than a year between them.  Gentlemen, you did well and we look forward to seeing you at many more tournaments in the future.

Big thanks to those who made the tournament work.  Candidate judge Debbie Horn had to make a couple of tricky calls during the weekend and did so to the satisfaction of all.  She’s going to make a very fine judge very soon.

Brighton Bowmen’s Chairman, Roger McMullan, and Official Photographer, Warren Mason, performed their field captaincy duties with good humour and great energy.  Ray Thomson, Alex Smith and Khaled Salem did the donkey work in setting up the field on both days. And, as ever, our Lady Paramount, Zillah McMullan, kept us fed, watered and smiling throughout the weekend. Thanks, everyone.

More photos from the tournament can be found on our Facebook page.  Hope to see everyone again soon.


7th Brighton Bowmen WA 18m, 21st & 22nd February 2015

The results from the tournament can be downloaded from this link.

Photos from the shoot can be found on our Facebook page.

Report and entry forms for next WA 18 to follow.


6th Brighton Bowmen FITA 18, 1st & 2nd November 2014

Results from the tournament can be found here.

Many thanks to everyone who supported the tournament.  To the delight of our Treasurer, it was a sell-out for the first time and, finally, we’ve made a profit from a tournament.

Much gratitude also to the people who made it happen:

– the judges, Messrs Roger McMullan, Tony Ikel and Paul Clark
– the back office staff, Zilla McMullan and Joan Ikel
– the field crew, Warren Mason and Gerry Deak
– everyone who helped to set up the range on Saturday morning and take it down on Sunday evening
– the management and staff of The Holbrook Club

An entry form for our 7th WA 18, which will take place at the Holbrook  Club on 21st and 22nd February 2015, can be downloaded by clicking this link.


5th Brighton Bowmen FITA 18, 22nd & 23rd February 2014

Click here to download the results from the tournament.

Highlights of the tournament were supplied by Gerry Deak (County Oak AC) with a score of 588 in the Gents Recurve and Tim Nash (Meriden AC) with 594 in the Gents Compound.

Thanks to the management and staff of The Holbrook Club for hosting the tournament again and addressing all the issues that were raised after our November shoot.  This is a first class venue for indoor archery.

Thanks also to the people who made the tournament happen.

Judges: Roger McMullan, Tony Ikel and Paul Clark.

Back Office Admin: Zillah McMullan and Joan Ikel.

Loading, Lugging, Set Up and Take Down: Gerry Deak, Warren Mason, Pip Tucknott and Rod Woodhatch, ably assisted by Iain Charlesworth, Steve Allen, Gavin Sutherland, Peter Probert, Steve Lancaster, Alix Chadwell, Martin Reeves, Nathan Thomas and Mum Thomas.

Expenses Claims: Roger Wolff.

Next Tournament

Our next FITA 18 tournament will take place at The Holbrook Club on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd November 2014. Entry forms can be downloaded as a Word document or in pdf format.


4th Brighton Bowmen FITA 18, 2nd & 3rd November 2013

Rankings and session scores from both days of the tournament can be downloaded by clicking here.

Tournament report follows below.

The Shooting Line during Session B of the 4th Brighton Bowmen FITA 18 Tournament

The shooting line in session B (photo: Rod Woodhatch)

A short while before last weekend’s tournament, someone posed the obvious question: why was an archery club from Brighton hosting a tournament in Horsham?

If you were wondering the same but weren’t quite bold enough to ask, it boiled down to the fact that the closure of St Aubyns in July this year left Brighton Bowmen without an indoor range. Old, often cold and always rickety in the winds that blow off the seafront it may have been, but the school gym had been an ideal venue for archery during the autumn and winter months. It’s sadly missed but these things happen, so the club upped sticks and moved north for the weekend.

The Holbrook Club

Moving to a new venue is always accompanied by a few worries, but The Holbrook Club proved to be a step up from our old home. This was due in no small part to the efforts of its management and staff. Many thanks to Tim Turner, Paul Felgate and especially Paul Harding for their help in putting on the shoot. If anyone is looking for a venue for an event, archery or otherwise, in the Horsham area, we can’t recommend The Holbrook Club too highly.

There was one problem: the lighting over targets 1 and 9 wasn’t the best. Apologies to those who were subjected to this. It couldn’t be fixed during the weekend, but the Holbrook management are aware of the problem and will give it their attention before February’s tournament.

“February?” you ask. You’ll have to read on for more about that.

Big thanks also go to the members of Holbrook Archers. Some of us had concerns that the use of their facilities by a bunch of upstarts from Brighton might understandably cause some friction, but the outcome was quite the opposite. As ever, the members were good natured, supportive and more helpful than could have been hoped for. Karina Wiles and Steve Lancaster entered the tournament and helped break down the range on Sunday evening, while Peter Probert came in on both days to lend a pair of strong hands. Cheers, folks.

Lastly, but never least, Rod Woodhatch was involved in the organisation of the tournament in one way or another from start to finish. It was impossible to keep count of the number of times Rod popped into the sports hall over the weekend, but as ever he kept the Tournament Organiser on his toes and ensured that the hall was neat and tidy at the finish of proceedings. Thanks, Rod.

The Archers

Clubs from Berkshire, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, London, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex, the Eastern region of Scotland and Wales were represented at the tournament. That gave us a full entry for the first time, which made the Treasurer happy and kept the judges and field crew busy.

The shoot’s new location made a difference, as did our tournament diary. The latter received numerous compliments over the weekend, so take a bow Michaela Lake. The effort she puts into the diary can’t be overstated.

It was good to see many people who had attended our previous tournaments turn up again and just as good to greet many new faces. Among the latter were several members of Crawley AC and Worthing AC taking part in a competition for the first time. We hope to see all of you again in February.

The Scores

There were no UK records this time around, but congratulations must go to Huw Jones of St Kingsmark Bowmen for yet another Welsh record and also to Hope Greenwood of Edinburgh University AC. Her scores of 569 and 576 are enough for her to claim a place in the selection shoot for the GB team at the Indoor World Championships at Nimes in February.

There were also some decent returns from the usual suspects chasing selection for the Indoor Home Nations match at Coventry in December. Of those, Stuart Barby, Pip Tucknott and Chris Woodgate fell just short of the scores required for Nimes, but with a couple of months left before the qualifying period closes it wouldn’t be surprising to see one or more of them make it to the selection shoot.

The Judges and Field Crew

Despite the Secretary’s initial concerns about holding the tournament, the Chairman and the Treasurer of the club were of a different mind and insisted that it should go ahead. Blame them (the Secretary does) or thank them (if you were at the tournament, you should), Roger McMullan and Roger Wolff were instrumental in ensuring that last weekend’s shoot happened.

The Chairman shared the judging duties with Paul Clark on Saturday. Paul’s recent elevation to County Judge is well-deserved and his ongoing support for our tournaments is much appreciated. The same goes for Tony Ikel, who joined us for the first time on Sunday. Thank you, gentlemen.

Registration and adminstration at the shoot was handled in the efficient manner that we’ve come to expect and appreciate by Zillah McMullan and Joan Ikel. Thank you, ladies.

Nick Cole assisted the judges throughout the weekend as Field Captain. It was a sterling effort from one of the unheralded archery parents who keep the sport running at its grass roots. Thanks once again, Nick.

Pip Tucknott‘s weekend began at 12 noon on Friday when the target equipment was transported to Holbrook. It ended a little after 9 pm on the Sunday evening with its return to Rottingdean. In between those times he helped set up the range on both days, took part in and finished all eight sessions and somehow found the time and patience to explain the finer points of Plato’s Symposium to his father (it’s about love). Cheers, big fella.

Gerry Deak helped out with returning the target equipment to St Aubyns, worked as a member of the field crew throughout the weekend and put together four nice scores. A big effort from a good bloke. Köszönöm, Gerry.

Additional muscle for setting up the range on both days was provided by Gavin “Haircut 101” Sutherland, Iain Charlesworth, Steve Allen and Sam Baldwin. A fine effort, chaps, especially with the safety net.

On the subject of the net, close to the eleventh hour the Tournament Organiser was struck by the realisation that something had been overlooked. A near-perfect fit for the gym at St Aubyns, the club’s safety net came up five metres short for the Holbrook sports hall. The problem was solved without further ado when Phil van Buren offered use of the old Falcon Bowmen net. Thanks to him and to Peter Damon, Terry Maskell and Bob Darling from the Sussex CAA for their combined effort in organising its collection (three people to organise the collection of a net? Look, it’s a big net, OK!?).

And finally, the second day of the shoot was made a bit special by a visit from Alan and Jean Ruby, former President and Vice-President of the Sussex CAA and members of Holbrook Archers. Although they haven’t enjoyed the best of health recently, both Alan and Jean retain a strong interest in the sport to which they have contributed so much over many decades. We’ll see you and Jean at February’s tournament, Mr President.


Ah! So what’s this about February?

The 5th Brighton Bowmen FITA 18 will take place at The Holbrook Club on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd February, 2014. Entries are now being accepted, using either the Word entry form or the pdf version.

Look forward to seeing you there.


3rd FITA 18 Tournament, 23rd and 24th February 2013

“Shooting with Friends”

Word reached your correspondent a few weeks ago that someone had described Brighton Bowmen as being akin to “shooting with your friends in the garden.” The intent behind that remark wasn’t in the least bit generous, but it had a ring of truth around it in the context of our latest FITA 18 tournament. The shoot went smoothly and the atmosphere was competitive but friendly. Very many thanks to everyone who turned up and made it a special weekend. It was the most satisfying of several I’ve organised since 2008.

If you’re here to find the results from the tournament, click this link. They include one new UK record and several new county records. Read on for the details.

From Far and Wide

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that people came to St Aubyns from far and wide last weekend. Archers from Sussex, its neighbouring counties of Hampshire, Surrey and Kent, plus the usual suspects from Essex were on the target lists. London, the West Midlands and Scotland were also represented.

Among the entrants were three young people who behaved impeccably, shot with determination and were a credit to themselves and their parents. Hopefully we’ll see Henry Riseborough (Bognor Regis AC) and Louisa and Eleanor Piper of Woking AC at many more archery tournaments. Well done to all three of you, especially Louisa whose 416 was a new Surrey under 12 record.

A couple of other juniors managed to set new records for their counties, among them Chris Woodgate (Woking AC) whose 563 is a new Surrey best for junior recurve. At the other end of the age range Chris Ellis (The High Weald AC) narrowly missed out on a new national gents longbow record, although it’s probably only a matter of time until that happens.

Somewhere between those two, at least in terms of age, stands Michaela Lake, the archery mum behind our much-lauded archery tournament diary. This was her first competition, a little more than four weeks after she completed her beginner’s course. It was a good first effort and somehow you just know there are going to be many more tournaments and many higher scores. Well done, Michaela.


Rumblings from the audience suggest that it’s time to reveal the identity of the person who shot a new UK record; but before doing so it should be noted that this wasn’t the first occasion such a mark has been set at Brighton Bowmen. Back in March 2012, Daisy Clark’s 583 took that honour and it was once again a pleasure to see her, dad Paul and their friends from Chelmsford Tudor Rose Archers and Mayflower Archers at St Aubyns.

This time round, however, the headlines went to Naomi Jones of Edinburgh University AC. Her first two dozens in session B – 115 followed by 120 – suggested that something special was happening. The last three dozens – 118, 118 and 117 – sealed the deal for a total of 588, breaking the existing record by two points. An exceptional performance and a helluva way to warm up for this week’s European Indoor Championships, where she will be representing Great Britain.

Congratulations, Naomi. And good luck this week.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

As ever, Tim Nash graced the tournament with his unique mixture of excellent shooting, offbeat humour and quirky dress sense. One feels that the changes to Rule 307 were made just for him. Thankfully the pink cord trousers stayed in his bag this time.

Four 580 plus scores on Saturday were merely the prelude to dinner with friends that evening and then a classic Nash performance at St Aubyns on the second day.

At the assembly for session F, people were asking “Where’s Tim?”

“In Worthing. Having breakfast,” came the answer via text message. No ETA was mentioned.

Finally rocking up around 15 minutes before the second session, Nash set about securing his place in the selection shoot for the 2014 World Indoor Championships. A score of 589, sealed with the last arrow of the tournament and celebrated with a neo-punk victory jig that had the neighbours worrying that the Russians had invaded, saw him finish on a roll and quite literally the highest of notes.

Archery meets rock ‘n’ roll courtesy of Tim Nash; you have to love it. But God help the good people of Rzeszow in Poland, where he is also representing Great Britain this week.

Go, Scalpel!

Behind the Scenes

No Brighton Bowmen event is complete without Roger and Zillah McMullan, who took charge of affairs at front of house and behind the scenes respectively.  There is an awful lot that’s good in Sussex archery that wouldn’t happen without them. Thanks, folks.

The same goes for Paul Clark, who once more assisted Roger in his capacity as a candidate judge, and also Nick Cole, who worked tirelessly as field captain throughout the weekend from Friday evening through to Sunday evening.  Top blokes both.

It’s worth mentioning that Naomi Jones and Tim Nash drove to Rottingdean from Edinburgh via Lilleshall on Friday and arrived in good time to help set up the range for the weekend. Stars in every sense of the word and worthy of their appearance on the Brighton Bowmen Pinterest boards.

Pip Tucknott and Jamie Cole were the final members of the field crew on both Friday and Sunday. In the intervening 48 hours Jamie shot 578 to equal Pip’s Sussex county record; but in the same session Pip shot 579 to make it all his own for a while longer. The rivalry is still there, but the spirit of 2010 lives on. Thanks, lads.

Pip assisted Sidonie Lake and Julia Tucknott with much baking the day before the tournament. Grateful thanks to everyone who didn’t have the chocolate cake. I’m looking forward to finishing the last slice once this has been published. Before doing so, I must mention that Julia and Zillah manned the grill and the tea urn throughout the weekend.

And finally, and as ever, Pip and Julia were responsible for doing numerous jobs that needed doing to make the tournament happen and to enable the Organiser to appear something like efficient. He’s a very lucky man.


2nd FITA 18 Tournament, 3rd and 4th November 2012

Final scores from the tournament can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the tournament, especially those who travelled from outside Sussex in appalling weather conditions. Hopefully you found the journey worthwhile and enjoyed your shooting.

No records this time, but there were a number of people who made scores that were enough to gain selection for the England team at this year’s Indoor Home Nations match. This was the stated purpose of the tournament and it’s nice to report that it worked out so well.

For the record, Gavin Sutherland (Worthing AC), Sam Baldwin (Bowmen of Burleigh) and the Mayflower Archers trio of David Fall, Daisy Clark and Sophie Brown will wear the national vest in the Senior match, while Chris Woodgate (Woking AC), Pip Taylor (Lichfield Archers), Bryony Pitman (Worthing AC), Jamie Cole (Chichester Bowmen) and Daisy Clark have been selected for the Junior match. Good luck to you all on 1st and 2nd December.


By dint of their efforts, the following have a free entry to one session in our next tournament (click here for details and entry forms):

  • Bryony Pitman (Worthing AC)
  • Daisy Clark (Mayflower Archers)
  • Karen Tippins (CMO Bowmen)
  • Gavin Sutherland (Worthing AC)
  • Jamie Cole (Chichester Bowmen)
  • Jason Meehan (CMO Bowmen)
  • Rene Le Bouedec (Eastbourne Archers)

Please note that these awards are valid for our next tournament only and are subject to availability. Given that the entries for February 2013 are already more than one third full, it would be advisable to book your place now.

Prizes (scratch cards) will be posted to their winners within the next few days.


Thanks as ever to Karen Hodgkiss at GNAS, the staff at St Aubyns and our judges, Roger McMullan and Paul Clark.

Field crew duties were performed by Nick Cole and Gary Kinghorn, while Zillah McMullan and Julia Tucknott kept everyone fed and watered while tidying up behind the Tournament Organiser by doing all the small jobs that need to be done at every tournament. Thanks also to our Treasurer, Roger Wolff, who hasn’t been in the best of health recently but still found the time and energy to pitch up and help out.

A special mention for Malcolm Wright, who helped avert a near disaster on the evening before the tournament by turning out at the last minute to transport the target equipment to St Aubyns. If you ever need a man with a van, you won’t go far wrong by calling Malcolm on 07889 752748.

And, finally, big thanks to Pip Tucknott for all his efforts, ranging from helping to promote the tournament to building our new target stands, getting everything to the venue, helping to set up the range and handling a plethora of other tasks that needed doing. Cheers, big fella.


1st FITA 18 Tournament, 10th and 11th March 2012

The scores from the tournament can be downloaded by clicking here.

No medals were awarded, but the highest scores in each bow style from the weekend receive a free entry to one session at our next tournament.

The principal purpose of the tournament was to provide archers with an opportunity to make the qualifying scores for the 2013 European Indoor Championships selection shoot. Congratulations to Tim Nash and Daisy Clark for doing so. Daisy also improved on her current UK national record by four points with a score of 583 in the final session on Saturday.

Three others – Adam Outram, Pip Tucknott and Alistair Whittingham – finished short of the scores they required by just four points. Despite their obvious disappointment, all three deserve congratulations for some high quality shooting over the weekend.

Outstanding scores among the recurve archers came from the Sussex duo of Gavin Sutherland and Gerry Deak, who were members of the victorious Brighton Bowmen team at last weekend’s Sussex Indoor Team Championships.

Several others shot county records and personal bests but, regardless of scores, thanks to everyone who supported the tournament.

Possible dates for future tournaments are:

  • Saturday 3rd/Sunday 4th November 2012; and
  • either Saturday 23rd/Sunday 24th February 2013 or Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th March 2013.

If you’d like to shoot at St Aubyns again, please let us know your preferred dates as soon as possible.

Current thoughts are that the schedule at the next tournament will probably comprise five sessions on the Saturday and four on the Sunday, with the first session each day starting at 9 am. Single details with a maximum of 12 or 14 archers in each session should ensure a sensible finishing time on both days, while giving everyone an opportunity to shoot up to three sessions each day with a decent interval for tea and recovery between sessions. But those are just thoughts at the moment and yours are welcomed.


The final session on Saturday hosted a match between the juniors of Sussex and Essex, who have been keen and close rivals at the SCAS Junior Inter-Counties Championships in recent years.

The recurve competition saw a resounding victory for Essex by 1744 to 1557, with Alex Brody (474) top scoring for the visitors. Sussex’s Bryony Pitman (520) took the honours for the highest score from both teams.

The compound match was closer, going down to literally the final arrow. Once again, Essex prevailed by a score of 1686 to 1677. Daisy Clark’s 583 led the way for Essex, ably supported by Luke Wiseman (561) and David Fall (542).

Congratulations to Essex. We hope to be able to stage this match once again in 2013.


It was a small tournament, but numerous people need to be thanked for their part in enabling it to take place.

I’ll begin by expressing gratitude to our hosts, St Aubyns School, with a special mention for Iain Marcusson, the site manager, who has gone more than the extra yard to make Brighton Bowmen feel welcome at their still newish home. To say we’ve been lucky is the greatest understatement of this year or any other.

It’s unusual for a first time tournament to be given record status, but Karen Hodgkiss at Archery GB listened to our case and obtained the necessary authorisation. Thank you, Karen. You have my sincere promise that I won’t bother you again for at least, um, a month.

The target butts and stands for the shoot were provided by Worthing AC and County Oak AC for little more than pennies, kindness that won’t be forgotten. Union, Trueheart and Courtesie isn’t dead; you just have to know where to look for it.

No archery tournament in Sussex would be complete without the Chairman of Brighton Bowmen, Roger McMullan, officiating in some capacity. He and Richard Hillier performed their duties with customary efficiency and good humour on both days. Assistance was provided on Saturday by candidate judge Paul Clark, who impressed everyone as he went about his duties. Quite a team.

Julia Tucknott, Diane Hillier and Zillah McMullan were as dependable, level-headed and patient as ever, picking up and completing all the tasks that your correspondent always leaves until the eleventh hour, taking care of refreshments for archers and officials alike and providing good company throughout the tournament. Thank you, ladies.

Two members of the Brighton Bowmen team that won the Sussex Indoor Team Championships at the K2 the previous weekend, Gavin Sutherland and Gerry Deak, provided the necessary muscle to collect and return the target equipment. A third, Pip Tucknott, slip-streamed behind the tournament organiser and made short work of clearing up the chaos that he left in his wake. Quite a team once more.

Gary Kinghorn helped out in many ways, from borrowing an urn for tea-making to helping set up the range to carrying out field crew duties and all kinds of stuff between and beyond those three. A good bloke and still a very fine archer. Cheers.

Everyone at St Aubyns at the end of the shoot seemed to play a part in clearing the range. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially our Treasurer, Roger Wolff, who got stuck in even though he hasn’t been in the best of health recently.

The final mention and much gratitude must go to Steve “Trufflemeister” Allen. Not only did Steve bake some very tasty muffins on Sunday, he also provided the target equipment and safety net that enabled us to start shooting at St Aubyns in February 2011. That’s another example of how unbelievably lucky we’ve been over the last 12 months or so. Thanks, Steve.